Gravisto is an editor for graphs and a toolkit for implementing graph visualization algorithms.


Gravisto originates from a student project at the University of Passau with the former name "Graffiti".


University of Passau IPK Gatersleben
University of Passau Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research Gatersleben
Theoretical Computer Science Group Network Analysis Research Group
Christian Bachmaier · Franz Brandenburg · Silvia Breu · Jakob Flierl · Michael Forster · Paul Holleis · Markus Käser · Wolfgang Pausch · Andreas Pick · Marcus Raitner · Rüdiger Schnoy · Martin Schöffler · Walter Wirch and others Joerg Bartelheimer · Christian Klukas · Dirk Koschützki · Thomas Krahmer · Burkhard Sell · Falk Schreiber · Henning Schwöbbermeyer


Click here to get instructions on how to download and compile the current development snapshot (beta) of Gravisto.


Gravisto is licensed under the GPL.