Package org.graffiti.plugins.views.defaults

Interface Summary
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Class Summary
AbstractArrowShape DOCUMENT ME!
AbstractGraphElementComponent Class that shares common members for all GraphElementComponents.
CircleNodeShape Class representing a circle.
CircularNodeShape Concrete class representing an ellipse.
DefaultView PlugIn for default view of graffiti graph editor
EdgeComponent This component represents a org.graffiti.graph.Edge.
EllipseNodeShape Concrete class representing an ellipse.
GraffitiView An implementation of org.graffiti.plugin.view.View2D, that displays a graph.
LineEdgeShape Class representing an edge as one straight line.
NodeComponent This component represents a org.graffiti.graph.Node.
PolyLineEdgeShape Represents an edge with several segments separated by bends.
QuadCurveEdgeShape DOCUMENT ME!
RectangleNodeShape Class representing a rectangle.
RectangularNodeShape An implementation of NodeShape representing rectangular shapes.
SmoothLineEdgeShape A class that represents line shapes that are "smooth" in the sense GML uses it.
StandardArrowShape DOCUMENT ME!
StraightLineEdgeShape Concrete class representing an edge as one straight line.

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