Class SmoothLineEdgeShape

  extended by org.graffiti.plugins.views.defaults.LineEdgeShape
      extended by org.graffiti.plugins.views.defaults.PolyLineEdgeShape
          extended by org.graffiti.plugins.views.defaults.SmoothLineEdgeShape
All Implemented Interfaces:
Shape, EdgeShape, GraffitiShape, GraphElementShape

public class SmoothLineEdgeShape
extends PolyLineEdgeShape

A class that represents line shapes that are "smooth" in the sense GML uses it.

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Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
          Default constructor.
Method Summary
 void buildShape(EdgeGraphicAttribute edgeAttr, NodeShape sourceShape, NodeShape targetShape)
          This method sets all necessary properties of an edge using the values contained within the CollectionAttribute (like coordinates etc.).
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Constructor Detail


public SmoothLineEdgeShape()
Default constructor. Used to ensure that next time buildShape is called, the bends are modified.

Method Detail


public void buildShape(EdgeGraphicAttribute edgeAttr,
                       NodeShape sourceShape,
                       NodeShape targetShape)
                throws ShapeNotFoundException
This method sets all necessary properties of an edge using the values contained within the CollectionAttribute (like coordinates etc.). It also uses information about ports. It attaches arrows if there are any. When mustExpandBends is true, i.e. it is started the very first time for an object, all line segments except the first and last ones are divided into two equally long segments. That is to ensure that the single quadric splines fit together.

Specified by:
buildShape in interface EdgeShape
buildShape in class PolyLineEdgeShape
edgeAttr - the attribute that contains all necessary information to construct a line.
sourceShape - DOCUMENT ME!
targetShape - DOCUMENT ME!
ShapeNotFoundException - DOCUMENT ME!

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