Package org.graffiti.plugins.modes.advanced

Interface Summary
FunctionAction Implementation of Action used within the function-concept.
FunctionComponent A (GUI-)component which supports the concept of functions.

Class Summary
AbstractEditingTool Deprecated.  
AbstractFunctionAction Abstract implementation of the FunctionAction-interface.
AddBendToEdgeAction Deprecated.  
Function One function a FunctionComponent offers.
FunctionActionEvent Specialised version of ActionEvent used within the function-concept.
FunctionManager Keeps track of all functions a FunctionComponent offers, including all bindings for these functions.
JMenuFunctionItem A MenuItem with support for the function-concept.
MenuUtil Helper-class containing methods for dealing with menus, especially in conjunction with the function-concept.
PositionInfo This class is used in conjunction with a FunctionComponent and stores position-information (mouse, mouse when popup-menu was opened, possibly other things as well in future).
RemoveBendsAction Deprecated.  
SetOperations Helper-classes implementing some Set-based operations.
ShortCutAction Deprecated.  
ShowPopupMenuAction Deprecated.  
ToolPlugin Deprecated.  

Exception Summary
InvalidInputEventException Exception which is thrown if one feeds FunctionManager with an input-event with invalid syntax.
InvalidParameterException Thrown, (1) if you try to set a function-parameter and no parameter with that name exists, or (2) if you try to set a function-parameter to a non-existent value.
NoSuchFunctionActionException Is thrown if you add a function to a FunctionManager and the FunctionManager can't fetch the Action assigned to the function.

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