Package org.graffiti.util

Contains utility classes for frequently needed functionality.


Interface Summary
Callback<S,T> Classes implementing Callback employ the Inversion of Control pattern.
MultiLinkable<Element,LinkType> Interface that must be implemented by classes that are to be stored in a MultiLinkedList.
MutuallyReferable Classes implementing MutuallyReferable allow for the creation of references that influence the garbage collector but have no further semantic relevance.
ProgressViewer A class that displays in some sense progress made while a long running task.
VoidCallback<T> Classes implementing VoidCallback employ the Inversion of Control pattern.

Class Summary
BoolPair Encapsulates two boolean values.
ConcatCollection<T> A wrapper that encapsulates a series of collections as one collection.
ConcatIterator<T> A wrapper for concatenating multiple Iterators into a single one.
CoreGraphEditing This class offers some static methods for graph editing.
DesktopMenuManager Manages menu entries for the internal frames contained in a desktop pane.
EditorGraphEditing This class offers some static methods for graph editing.
GeneralEditorUtils Some auxiliary routines that need editor functionality.
InstanceLoader Represents an instance loader, which can be used to instanciate a class with the given name.
JOptionPaneWithFocus Extends JOptionPane and allows the specification of a component to get the focus.
LexicalPairComparator<S extends Comparable<S>,T extends Comparable<T>>  
MaximizeFrame Internal frame that hides the title bar when maximized.
MaximizeLayout Layour wrapper that modifies the behaviour of a LayoutManager for maximized JInternalFrames.
MaximizeManager Manages a desktop containing MaximizeFrames or JInternalFrame with a MaximizeLayout.
MultiLinkedList<Element extends MultiLinkable<Element,LinkType>,LinkType> An doubly linked list implementation of the List interface that performs the MultiLinkedList.remove(Object) operation in constant time.
MultiLinkNode<E> The linking information of a MultiLinkedList.
MultipleIterator<T> Class UniqueMultipleIterator encapsulates a number of instances implementing the java.util.Iterator interface.
MutuallyReferableObject A class implementing to reference mechanism of MutuallyReferable.
MutualWeakHashMap<K extends MutuallyReferable,V> A hashtable-based Map implementation with both weak keys and values.
ObjectReferenceComparator<T> The ObjectReferenceComparator guarantees to impose a total ordering for every type T.
Pair<S,T> Encapsulates two values.
Queue A simple queue.
RedundantMultipleIterator<T> Class MultipleIterator encapsulates a number of instances implementing the java.util.Iterator interface.
Reference<T> Holds a reference to an object of type T.
ReverseComparator<T> ReverseComparator<T> imposes an ordering which is the reversed ordering imposed by the Comparator<T> object that is passed on construction.
SpringUtilities A 1.4 file that provides utility methods for creating form- or grid-style layouts with SpringLayout.
StringSplitter Provides a method to split a String into several Strings according to a certain String.
ToolBarLayout An extension of FlowLayout that correctly calculates the height of a toolbar panel.
WeakHashSet<E> A Set implementation with weak elements.

Exception Summary
InstanceCreationException An exception, which is thrown, iff the instanciation of a given class fails.

Package org.graffiti.util Description

Contains utility classes for frequently needed functionality.

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