Package org.graffiti.plugin.view

Interface Summary
AttributeShape DOCUMENT ME!
EdgeComponentInterface This component represents a org.graffiti.graph.Edge.
GraffitiViewComponent DOCUMENT ME!
GraphElementShape Interface combining NodeShape and EdgeShape.
Grid Classes implementing Grid represent grids, which can be displayed by some Views.
MessageListener Represents listener which gets messsages for theirs displaying on the GUI components (e.g.
NodeComponentInterface This component represents a org.graffiti.graph.Node.
NodeShape Interface extending GraphElementShape.
View Represents a view of a plugin.
View2D A 2D view as a graphical representation for a graph.
ViewListener Interface for all who want to be noticed when a different view becomes active.
ViewportListener DOCUMENT ME!
Zoomable Views implementing allow zooming.

Class Summary
AbstractGrid This class provides default implementations for the Grid interface.
AbstractView enclosing_type
AttributeComponent This component represents a org.graffiti.attributes.Attribute.
GraphElementComponent Class that shares common members for all GraphElementComponents.
NoGrid A Grid class, which represents an empty grid without any grid lines.
ViewportAdapter Wraps a Zoomable as a Viewport.

Exception Summary
ShapeNotFoundException DOCUMENT ME!

Annotation Types Summary
GridParameter GridParameter is annotated to public fields of classes implementing Grid in order to indicate grid parameters.

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