Interface GestureFeedbackProvider

All Known Subinterfaces:
MouseCursorProvider, PopupMenuCompatibleProvider, TranslationProvider

public interface GestureFeedbackProvider

Provides feedback for UserGestures raised by InteractiveView s. Views implementing InteractiveView hand out a GestureFeedbackProvider by InteractiveView.getGestureFeedbackProvider() in order to allow actions and tools to show feedback that is not reflected in the state of the graph, selection, or attribute system, e.g. showing a selection rectangle, temporarily highlighting a specific node, setting the mouse cursor etc. This concept allows views with different identifying classes to share the same actions for common user feedbacks.

Overview of the trigger/action paradigm.

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Method Summary
 void reset()
          Resets the state of the GestureFeedbackProvider.

Method Detail


void reset()
Resets the state of the GestureFeedbackProvider. Should be called on the GestureFeedbackProvider of the currently active view when a tool is activated or deactivated or a sequence of user gestures belonging together is completed. Clears all temporary feedbacks of the related view.

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