Package org.graffiti.plugin.tool

Interface Summary
ToolFactory Classes implementing ToolFactory know how to create tools.
ToolFilter Classes implementing ToolFilter control the set of currently visible tools.
ToolPopupMenuProvider Classes implementing ToolPopupMenuProvider know how to edit customizable tools.
ToolRegistryListener Classes implementing ToolRegistryListener are interested in changes to the tool list.

Class Summary
ConjunctiveToolFilter The ConjunctiveToolFilter combines several filters by a conjunction of their conditions, i.e.
DefaultModeFilter ToolFilter, which lets pass all tools that have their default mode flag set or all tools if the default mode is not active.
DisjunctiveToolFilter The DisjunctiveToolFilter combines several filters by a disjunction of their conditions, i.e.
DummyToolFilter ToolFilter, which filters out all tool dummies and deleted tools.
HiddenToolFilter ToolFilter that let pass those tools that are not hidden.
NegatingToolFilter ToolFilter, which lets pass the complement of tools admitted by another tool filter.
Tool<T extends InteractiveView<T>> Tools define a mode of interaction by relating triggers to actions.
ToolDummy<T extends InteractiveView<T>> Tool dummies represent tools that are present in the preferences tree but have not yet been added by their providing plugins so they are currently unavailable.
ToolEntry<T extends InteractiveView<T>> ToolEntrys are used by the tool registry to maintain all tools supporting a specific view family.
ToolEnvironment<T extends InteractiveView<T>> The environment the tools operate on.
ToolPreferences The preferences of a Tool.
ToolRegistry Manager of all tools.
ViewFamilyToolFilter ToolFilter that allows for those tools that belong to the currently active tool family.

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