Class StringParameter

  extended by org.graffiti.plugin.parameter.AbstractSingleParameter<String>
      extended by org.graffiti.plugin.parameter.StringParameter
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Displayable<String>, Parameter<String>, SingleParameter<String>

public class StringParameter
extends AbstractSingleParameter<String>

Parameter that contains an Integer value.

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Serialized Form

Constructor Summary
StringParameter(String value, String name, String description)
          Constructs a new integer parameter.
Method Summary
 String getString()
          Returns the value of this parameter as an String.
 String toXMLString()
          Returns a well-formed XML string representing the Displayable.
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Constructor Detail


public StringParameter(String value,
                       String name,
                       String description)
Constructs a new integer parameter.

value - the new integer value. May be null.
name - the name of the parameter.
description - the description of the parameter.
Method Detail


public String getString()
Returns the value of this parameter as an String.

the value of this parameter as an String.


public String toXMLString()
Description copied from interface: Displayable
Returns a well-formed XML string representing the Displayable. The Displayable should be reconstructable via this representation. Therefore it must at least include the type of Displayable (classname) and a representation of its value. PROBABLE FUTURE DESIGN: The Displayables themselves will provide a method to reconstruct their value from the XML representation they provided.

Specified by:
toXMLString in interface Displayable<String>
toXMLString in class AbstractSingleParameter<String>
string holding an XML representation of this Displayable
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