Package org.graffiti.plugin.gui

Contains Gravisto's GUI components.


Interface Summary
GraffitiComponent Interface for all GUIComponents used in the editor.
GraffitiContainer DOCUMENT ME!

Class Summary
AbstractGraffitiComponent Abstract class for default containers.
AbstractGraffitiContainer Abstract class for default containers.
AnimationPanel The five-button panel that appears as soon as an animated version of an algorithm is chosen.
ExceptionHandlingAction Wrapper class for actions to add exception handling to method actionPerformed
GraffitiButton TODO
GraffitiMenu DOCUMENT ME!
GraffitiMenuItem TODO
GraffitiToggleButton Abstract class for all ToggleButtons that should be used as GraffitiComponents.
GraffitiToolbar TODO
PluginPanel The panel to which plugins can add bigger view-like components.
ToolToolbar GraffitiToolbar that contains the tool buttons used for tool activation.

Package org.graffiti.plugin.gui Description

Contains Gravisto's GUI components.

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