Package org.graffiti.plugin.algorithm

Contains interfaces for several types of algorithms.


Interface Summary
Algorithm An Algorithm has to provide a function that returns an array of Parameters it needs, in order to give user interfaces the possibility to provide the Algorithm with apropriate parameters.
AlgorithmResult An AlgorithmResult is a map of results that were computed by a CalculatingAlgorithm.
AlgorithmWithContextMenu DOCUMENT ME!
AlgorithmWithEdgeContextMenu DOCUMENT ME!
AlgorithmWithNodeContextMenu DOCUMENT ME!
CalculatingAlgorithm After its execution a CalculatingAlgorithm has computed an AlgorithmResult, that can be obtained through the getResult() method.

Class Summary
AbstractAlgorithm Implements some empty versions of non-obligatory methods.
AbstractEditorAlgorithm DOCUMENT ME!
AbstractThreadSaveLayoutAlgorithm Basis for Thread Safe (layout) Plugins and communication to the MainFrame
DefaultAlgorithmResult DOCUMENT ME!
NodePosition DOCUMENT ME!
ThreadSafeAlgorithm DOCUMENT ME!
ThreadSafeOptions This class can be used for thread safe communication between user interfaces and plugins.

Exception Summary
ParameterOutOfBoundsException This exception is thrown if anyone tries to assign an invalid value to a LimitableParameter.
PreconditionException Throws in the context of precondition failures.

Package org.graffiti.plugin.algorithm Description

Contains interfaces for several types of algorithms.

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