Package org.graffiti.managers.pluginmgr

Contains classes for the plugin manager.


Interface Summary
Dependency Interface for dependency of a plugin.
Entry An entry in the plugin manager.
PluginDescriptionCollector Collects plugin description URLs, which can be used by the PluginSelector.
PluginManager Defines an interface for a plugin manager handeling the list of plugins.
PluginManagerListener Represents a listener, which is called, iff a plugin has been added to the plugin manager.

Class Summary
ClassPathPluginDescriptionCollector Searches for plugin description files in the current CLASSPATH.
DefaultPluginEntry Represents a plugin entry in the plugin manager.
DefaultPluginManager Manages the list of plugins.
PluginDependency Models a dependency to another plugin.
PluginDescription Contains a meta data of a plugin.
PluginFileFilter Represents a file filter for graffiti plugins.
PluginManagerDialog DOCUMENT ME!
PluginSelector Represents a plugin selector.
PluginSelector.PluginDescriptionCellRenderer Renders the plugin description in a JList.
PluginXMLParser The XML parser for the plugin descriptions.
PluginXMLParserErrorHandler An error handler class for the plugin xml parser.
UnresolvableDependenyException An UnresolvableDependencyException will be thrown whever there is a dependency of a plugin to another which cannot be resolved.
Version Represents an object, which contains a version number.

Exception Summary
PluginManagerException PluginManagerException is thrown, iff an error occured during the loading of a plugin.

Package org.graffiti.managers.pluginmgr Description

Contains classes for the plugin manager.

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