Interface Summary
GraphicAttributeConstants Defines constants used when accessing graphics attributes.

Class Summary
ColorAttribute Contains the color graphic attribute.
CoordinateAttribute Contains the coordinate graphic attribute.
Dash Class that encapsulates the information needed to specify stroke properties.
DimensionAttribute Contains the graphic attribute dimension, that represents the minimal surrounding rectangle
DockingAttribute Contains the graphic attribute docking for edges.
EdgeGraphicAttribute Defines all graphic attributes of an edge
EdgeLabelAttribute DOCUMENT ME!
EdgeLabelPositionAttribute DOCUMENT ME!
GraphElementGraphicAttribute Defines the common graphic attributes for nodes and edges
ImageAttribute Contains the graphic attribute image.
LabelAttribute Contains the graphic attribute label
LineModeAttribute Attribute class for a dash-object, which encapsulates the information needed to specify stroke properties.
NodeGraphicAttribute Defines all grahic attributes of a node
NodeLabelAttribute DOCUMENT ME!
NodeLabelPositionAttribute DOCUMENT ME!
Port A port comprises a name and a coordinate.
PortAttribute Contains information about the port of a node
PortsAttribute Contains ingoing, outgoing and common ports
PositionAttribute Contains properties of the attribute position for a label
RenderedImageAttribute Contains the rendered image graphic attribute.

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