Package org.graffiti.editor

Contains classes for the famous graffiti editor.


Interface Summary
EditorDefaultValues Contains static final constant default values for the various user preferences.

Class Summary
DefaultPlugins DOCUMENT ME!
GraffitiEditor Contains the graffiti editor.
GraffitiInternalFrame A specialized internal frame for the graffiti editor.
GraffitiSingleton Provides access to global variables, needed for various extensions to Graffiti.
MainFrame Constructs a new graffiti frame, which contains the main GUI components.
SplashScreen A frame that is displayed while Gravisto is loading.
StatusBar Represents a status line ui component, which can display info and error messages.
ViewTypeChooser DOCUMENT ME!

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
AttributeComponentNotFoundException DOCUMENT ME!
EditComponentNotFoundException Thrown if no EditComponent could be found.

Package org.graffiti.editor Description

Contains classes for the famous graffiti editor.

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