org.graffiti.attributes Contains interfaces and classes to create an attribute hierarchy.
org.graffiti.event Contains event classes and listener interfaces that are used to react to events fired by the graph model.
org.graffiti.graph Contains graph interfaces and classes.  
org.graffiti.managers.pluginmgr Contains classes for the plugin manager.
org.graffiti.options Contains the option pane functionality.
org.graffiti.plugin Contains an interface and an adapter class for a generic plugin.
org.graffiti.plugin.algorithm Contains interfaces for several types of algorithms.
org.graffiti.plugin.algorithm.animation Contains Gravisto's animation framework; i.e. Contains interfaces and classes for reading and writing a graph object in diverse file formats.
org.graffiti.selection Contains classes for the selection model.
org.graffiti.util Contains utility classes for frequently needed functionality.
org.graffiti.util.attributes Contains utility classes for the creation of attributes employing the abstract factory pattern.
org.graffiti.util.logging Contains classes, which make use of JavaTM 2 platform's core logging facilities.


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