Package org.graffiti.util

Contains utility classes for frequently needed functionality.


Interface Summary
Callback<S,T> Classes implementing Callback employ the Inversion of Control pattern.
MultiLinkable<Element,LinkType> Interface that must be implemented by classes that are to be stored in a MultiLinkedList.
MutuallyReferable Classes implementing MutuallyReferable allow for the creation of references that influence the garbage collector but have no further semantic relevance.
ProgressViewer A class that displays in some sense progress made while a long running task.
VoidCallback<T> Classes implementing VoidCallback employ the Inversion of Control pattern.

Class Summary
BoolPair Encapsulates two boolean values.
ConcatCollection<T> A wrapper that encapsulates a series of collections as one collection.
ConcatIterator<T> A wrapper for concatenating multiple Iterators into a single one.
CoreGraphEditing This class offers some static methods for graph editing.
InstanceLoader Represents an instance loader, which can be used to instanciate a class with the given name.
LexicalPairComparator<S extends Comparable<S>,T extends Comparable<T>>  
MultiLinkedList<Element extends MultiLinkable<Element,LinkType>,LinkType> An doubly linked list implementation of the List interface that performs the MultiLinkedList.remove(Object) operation in constant time.
MultiLinkNode<E> The linking information of a MultiLinkedList.
MultipleIterator<T> Class UniqueMultipleIterator encapsulates a number of instances implementing the java.util.Iterator interface.
MutuallyReferableObject A class implementing to reference mechanism of MutuallyReferable.
MutualWeakHashMap<K extends MutuallyReferable,V> A hashtable-based Map implementation with both weak keys and values.
ObjectReferenceComparator<T> The ObjectReferenceComparator guarantees to impose a total ordering for every type T.
Pair<S,T> Encapsulates two values.
Queue A simple queue.
RedundantMultipleIterator<T> Class MultipleIterator encapsulates a number of instances implementing the java.util.Iterator interface.
Reference<T> Holds a reference to an object of type T.
ReverseComparator<T> ReverseComparator<T> imposes an ordering which is the reversed ordering imposed by the Comparator<T> object that is passed on construction.
StringSplitter Provides a method to split a String into several Strings according to a certain String.
WeakHashSet<E> A Set implementation with weak elements.

Exception Summary
InstanceCreationException An exception, which is thrown, iff the instanciation of a given class fails.

Package org.graffiti.util Description

Contains utility classes for frequently needed functionality.

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