Package org.graffiti.plugin.parameter

Interface Summary
LimitableParameter<T extends Comparable<T>> The value of a LimitableParameter can be limited by giving maximum and minimum values.
Parameter<T> Interface for a parameter used by an Algorithm.
ParameterList<T> A ParameterList can be used to create enumeration type parameters, by grouping them into a list.
SingleParameter<T> Tagging interface for Parameters that can be used in a ParameterList.

Class Summary
AbstractLimitableParameter<T extends Comparable<T>> This abstract class provides an implementation for the isValid method, using the compareTo method of the Comparable interface.
AbstractSingleParameter<T> Implements functions that are common in all SingleParameters.
AttributeParameter This class is used for Parameters that satisfy the org.graffiti.attributes.Attribte interface.
BooleanParameter Parameter that contains a Boolean value.
DoubleParameter Represents a double parameter.
EdgeParameter This class contains a single Edge.
FloatParameter Parameter that contains a float value.
IntegerParameter Parameter that contains an Integer value.
NodeParameter This class contains a single Node.
ObjectParameter Parameter that contains an Integer value.
ProbabilityParameter Represents a probability parameter.
SelectionParameter This class contains a single Node.
StringParameter Parameter that contains an Integer value.

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