Package org.graffiti.plugin.algorithm

Contains interfaces for several types of algorithms.


Interface Summary
Algorithm An Algorithm has to provide a function that returns an array of Parameters it needs, in order to give user interfaces the possibility to provide the Algorithm with apropriate parameters.
AlgorithmResult An AlgorithmResult is a map of results that were computed by a CalculatingAlgorithm.
AlgorithmWithContextMenu DOCUMENT ME!
AlgorithmWithEdgeContextMenu DOCUMENT ME!
AlgorithmWithNodeContextMenu DOCUMENT ME!
CalculatingAlgorithm After its execution a CalculatingAlgorithm has computed an AlgorithmResult, that can be obtained through the getResult() method.

Class Summary
AbstractAlgorithm Implements some empty versions of non-obligatory methods.
DefaultAlgorithmResult DOCUMENT ME!

Exception Summary
ParameterOutOfBoundsException This exception is thrown if anyone tries to assign an invalid value to a LimitableParameter.
PreconditionException Throws in the context of precondition failures.

Package org.graffiti.plugin.algorithm Description

Contains interfaces for several types of algorithms.

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